Wanddisplays in der Tageskasse der Semperoper Dresden

Schinkelwache Gets Digital Addition

Two new wall displays were recently installed in the Dresden Semper Opera’s advance booking office.

This will enable the ticket office in the Schinkelwache to communicate with visitors in a modern way. The screens show information about events and guided tours and present impressive scenes from previously performed performances. … Read More

Mann mit Kopfhörern vor seinem Laptop

The bank branch of the future

The number of banks using video consulting and telepresence terminals continues to rise. Not least the corona conditions are forcing a change in the otherwise rather classic banking sector. The current situation therefore gives new opportunities to already existing trends like virtual reality. … Read More

Brandschutzdisplay mit Fluchtplan in Schulgebäude

HALOGI – the display optimised for fire protection

Fire protection is regulated in a large number of legal regulations, especially in the fire protection laws and building regulations of the federal states. Fire protection guidelines provide for the achievement of fire protection goals by means of suitable measures that have a preventive as well as defensive effect. Preventive fire protection should counteract the development and spread of fires by taking structural and organisational measures. … Read More

VR in the banking sector conceivable?

The financial world is no fun. It is number-driven, complicated and usually scares off consumers. Virtual reality is supposed to help and wake up the rather sleepy industry with fresh energy.

When you hear “virtual reality”, the first thing you might think of is video games that allow you to immerse yourself in their interactive 3D worlds – not banks. … Read More

Digital Signage Systems in big room

eKiosk Starts Summer Sales

We are clearing our storage and that means for you: Kiosk devices at a greatly reduced price.

In daily business, kiosk systems and displays are stored, maintained, cleaned and prepared for the next use after a loan or rent. Some of them have already gone through this cycle too often and are getting on in years. In order to prevent our returning devices from lending and rental business from getting dusty unnecessarily, we would like to offer some of these devices for sale now. … Read More

Entrance Control at Wettinquelle

eKiosk Equips Sächsische Staatsbäder With Entrance Control System

The Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH may again invite guests to its thermal spa world.

For the reopening, the necessary corona protection regulations had to be complied with: increased cleaning and disinfection measures, access restrictions for the bathing area and reduction of the number of guests. In order to regulate admission, our corona traffic light was installed in the entrance area. … Read More

Airport Waiting Area

Safe Air Traffic Thanks to Digital Signage

As of this week, there is no longer a global travel warning for most EU member states, the Schengen area and Great Britain. The borders between Germany and the neighbouring states are again passable without controls. Air traffic is also getting back on track, but under special security measures. … Read More

Facebook Shops and Digital Signage

Facebook and shopping was previously known from the countless Facebook groups, which serve as a marketplace for private individuals – all according to the motto: “I sell, trade, offer…”. At the end of May, the social media giant launched the so-called Facebook Shops in order to become a part of online commerce with its reach and technical possibilities. … Read More

Digital Signage in Retail

How to Digital Signage? Do’s and Dont’s in Retail

Digital signage devices are increasingly being used in retail. They have great potential to increase sales by preventing shopping cart abandonment, strengthening customer loyalty or being the interface between online and offline shopping. What do you need to consider to ensure that the integration in your store runs smoothly and that you benefit from the devices? … Read More

Digital Signage Displays aneinandergereiht

10 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Digital Signage

Digital signage is a true all-rounder. Increasing profits, working more efficiently, increasing employee commitment and customer satisfaction – all this is much easier and less complicated than you think.

Many companies try to optimize their processes with the help of innovative ideas, because meanwhile not only business partners but also customers expect a certain standard. … Read More