How much does the launch of digital signage cost?

Increase in sales, image growth, cost reduction: Everything about the goals you can achieve with digital signage.

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Individual prices for individual solutions

The use cases for digital signage solutions are very different, which enables us to support you in most cases, but it also means that there is usually no finished price list we can send you.

Every company has individual requirements for their digital signage solutions and also for their products themselves. And even after being in this field for more than 10 years, we are still learning from our clients and their inquiries on a regular basis. Working on different digital signage projects is always exciting and we are happy to support you in your use case.

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What is the use of digital signage solutions for my company?

Nonetheless, we would like to give you as a decision maker or head of department a tangible insight. Therefore, we have made an overview about the individual cost aspects of digital signage systems. With this overview, you will find the necessary facts for a successful launch of digital signage system in your company.

The use of digital signage depends on the use case. We have collected some examples for typical scenarios and the associated effects for you:

  • Increase in sales, e.g. promotions and presenting offers on screens
  • Cost reduction, e.g. faster updates to pricing and less staff needed
  • Image change, with the latest media, e.g. wayfinding system in a shopping mall
  • Efficient employee information, e.g. with a blackboard or employee Information system

What is the price for a digital signage solution?

Like mentioned before, the investment costs for digital signage vary greatly. We have developed an overview of the different cost items for you.

1. Conception & project planning

Most of the times these costs are a part of the sales activities of eKiosk. We advise our clients for free and without any obligation. In case of big projects with long conception phases, this part is a cost position by itself.

2. The digital signage hardware and software

Generally this one is the biggest part of the total cost. Most of the times we use a classic digital signage software which can be cloud based.

Because of the individual features and the different number of devices, the price for the solutions vary greatly.

  • The price for kiosk systems with 19‘‘ or 21,5‘‘ is between 1.500 and 3.500 €.
  • For our 32’’ totems and bigger systems the cost is between 2.000 and 5.000 €.
  • The price for projects with outdoor hardware is between 8.000 to 13.000 €. The higher costs arise because of the tougher circumstances the Kiosks are used in: weather, vandalism and visibility in sunlight.

This overview is a rough presentation based on older projects in which ready to connect solutions were deployed, fully equipped with high quality industrial components and typical features.

You want to test our products first? Great, as we can provide you with rental systems. If you are interested in any points above, we would like to get in touch with you and discuss your individual project, to find the perfect solution.

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3. Rollout & installation

The delivery, the installation and the commissioning on site are the three big parts of this phase. Most of our products are maintenance free, but of course, we provide a service team if you need some help. Depending on the circumstances, we can provide you with additional services on site or support you in maintaining your kiosk and your hardware.

Finally, it is important to consider the power consumption in order to include all costs. These numbers vary greatly, since the power consumption varies with the components and the systems itself. However, we make sure to use only high quality components, which provide a great performance while keeping the power consumption to a minimum.

The quality of the eKiosk hardware

Because of the use of durable electronic items and the modularity of the devices you can use our digital signage products for more than eight years.

For components, we guarantee a fit-in-compatibility, which is almost unlimited. That means:

Even if a spare part should no longer be available, we can supply mechanically and electronically compatible spare parts because of the modular design of our devices.

You want to know more about the pricing?

If you have any questions about the fit-in compatibility or want to speak about the costs of your individual project, please feel free to send us a message or call us:

Tel. +49(0)351 50174-0

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