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Digital signage software as comprehensive solution for distribution of content

It is more than just the display of advertising: our digital signage software is a web based content management system (CMS) with special functionlity such as geographical distribution to various locations and devides, and timing control.

Our solution creates, manages and publishes media content for your digital signage displays. With only a few clicks of the mouse you can distribute pre-prepared campaigns from the server to the displays, where they will be played automatically at defined times.

Basically there are two typs of content: interactive content (e.g. for touch displays) and passive content. Additionally, our digital signage software serves as system protection to prevent tampering through users or software. Furthermore the system automatically resets (for example return to home page after a certain time).

Create campaigns, put them in temporal context and distribute them to your digital signage screens worldwide.

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Four steps to display digital signage content

Functionality of digital signage software

Important key features of our digital signage solution

Stability and reliability

eKiosk digital signage software with its internal maintenance function allows for a stable and reliable operation. In case of server maintenance or network problems, the eKiosk digital signage software has an integrated display for alternative content during those situations. If the internet connection is interrupted, the last shown content continues to be displayed. Therefore the software is also suited when no reliable internet connection is available. New content will be updated time-delayed in the background.

Display remote management

With the optionally-available remote maintenance function you can administer your displays, distribute data and check availability of screens at any time.

Create campaigns

Pre-prepared templates can be individually modified, and make creation of a campaign simple. Further, you can set any desired resolution and aspect ratio for your campaigns according to your screens (e.g. Full HD, 16:9). Arrange your media contents on a timeline via drag-and-drop . Several formats are supported, such as images (incl. PNG, JPG and more), video (incl. H264, WMV and more), websites (HTML, Flash) and text (RSS, static and ticker). Therefor you can use Windows or Android player as operating system.

Create time line

Plan to the second which content is played. Change priorities and playing times according to your needs.


With a few clicks only you can distribute your contents to up to 10,000 players. Choose from peer-to-peer transmission or encryption via HTTPS/SSL.

Expandability and integration

Through the command set of JavaScript a few thousand additional objects, methods, events and properties are available as object models. This allows for unlimited integration of other software, functionality, interfaces etc to your displays.

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