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eAdministration – efficient and customer-friendly

Kiosk systems and digital signage solutions in public offices and authorities have become indispensable due to legal regulations. In 2017, for example, the OZG (Online Access Act) laid down requirements for the digitization of public administrations.

Examples of an administration 4.0 are call-up systems or cash terminals for the paying of fees, which can already be found in many institutions. In the area of eGovernment, kiosk systems have been developed, which can be used to carry out complete transactions between citizens and authorities.

eKiosk already has a wide range of multiple solutions for digital administrations in its portfolio. We were also part of the "Saxon Citizen Terminal" project, for which we developed new hardware and software.

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The Online Access Act

Authorities in Germany are to be increasingly digitised, to offer citizens simple and fast communication.

This was already established in 2013 with the Act on the Promotion of Electronic Administration - the E-Government Act. The aim is, to provide federal, state and local authorities with user-friendly electronic administrative services.

Since then the „Digital Administration 2020“ programme has been launched, in which the security and efficiency of digital systems play a particularly important role. In addition, the Online Access Act came into force in 2017. This act obliges the federal and state authorities to „offer their administrative services electronically via administrative portals (OZG, §1, paragraph 2).

A simple access to the portals, which are connected with each other, is thus to be created by 2022 with the help of digital kiosk systems. These are equipped with internet access, scanner and printer and are set up in freely accessible areas in administration buildings. Thereby citizens can access the following services outside the opening hours of public offices or authorities:

  • submit applications,
  • adapt data online or
  • reserve a license plate.

Digital solutions adapted to the requirements

We produce individual solutions for administrations, which are adapted to the requirements of the authorities. Some examples for demands to eGovernment solutions:

  • Wall-mounted or free-standing devices
  • Fixed height, seat unit, electric height adjustment
  • Keyboard and/or touchscreen
  • Document printer
  • Authentication via the new identity card (RFID or PIN entry)
  • Printer (Thermo / Laser / without) - if necessary with retraction function and destruction in the event of non-removal
  • Camera system (if necessary with special backend for direct eye contact)
  • Different screen sizes
  • Privacy filter
  • If necessary special requirements for the software solution
  • Loudspeaker / microphone (with echo suppression) or rather telephone handset (with REED switching)

Digital terminals for effective eGovernment

In addition to the classic digital signage applications listed above, such as wayfinding and visitor management, the self-service area in particular offers a wide range of opportunities for public authorities.

A self-sufficiently functioning citizen terminal enables for example the complete independent handling of a request. Authentication takes place directly at the citizen terminal by using an electronic identity card, the printout of the application and the electronic signature, without an employee taking any action.

Procedures such as the reservation of a car license plate can thus be carried out alone at the terminal or even outside the business hours.

Opportunities of an digital citizen terminal

The focus of these kiosk solution for authorities, public administrations and municipalities is on the decentralised processing and optimisation of administrative procedures for citizens, who can thus be performed in rural areas via eGovernment.

Authorities services such as passport applications, re-registration for relocation, child benefit applications or business registrations can be processed easily and comfortable using the digital citizen terminal.

Functions of the terminal

  • Personal and direct citizen consultation
  • Video chat (face-to-face contact with an employee)
  • Telephone function (data protection-compliant communication)
  • Payment function (ePayment for fees)
  • Print function (print document copies immediately)
  • Interactive operation via touch screen
  • Electronic signature (systems for the processing of legally binding administrative act)

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