Fire safety guidelines and Digital Signage

The topic of fire safety often arises in connection with kiosk systems and terminals. Due to the methods used in their construction, our models are adapted to suit particular requirements.

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Fire protection monitoring for enhanced fire safety zones

When buildings are constructed - whether they are hospitals, schools, guest houses, hotels or conference centres, fire protection is inevitably an issue. In planning and fitting out these buildings, architects and engineers must, therefore, take current fire safety regulations into consideration.

That applies even more for fire safety critical areas such as staircases or escape routes.These must remain accessible in the event of fire, while no combustible materials must be stored or installed in these areas.

These requirements often prevent the installation of standard displays, as monitors count as electrical components that could generate smoke or cause a fire to break out in the event of a defect. Our Digital Signage products have been adapted to meet these specific requirements. This means that Digital Signage and fire protection can be combined without compromise.

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Terminals & displays in fire safety critical areas

Fire safety characteristics of eKiosk devices

The classification of the behavior of building materials in fires is regulated in the European standard EN 13501-1. This evaluates individual materials with regard to their fire load and their smoker behaviour.

Our monitor housings are made almost exclusively from metal (aluminum, steel) and glass. These materials are considered to be non-flammable according to the standard, which is why our terminal systems have a very low overall fire load. The housings themselves can be classified as A1 or A2.

If you need an expert opinion, we request a report from an external fire protection institute for your desired model, incorporating the individual structural situation.

Because our systems can be dismantled at any time, they are considered as "not permanently connected to the building". For such products, there is no building inspection test certificate. According to fire protection technology, there are no standardized specifications for these devices.

If you have further demands or require verifications, we can organize them with the involvement of external experts.

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Materials classification under EN 13501-1

When assessing the fire retardant performance of building materials, smoke generation and drainage are also taken into consideration.

You can see an overview of the various values here.

Building-authority designationNo smoke No burning droplets Fire behaviour class to EN 13501-1 Building material class to DIN 4102-1
Non combustible without flammable componentsxxA1A1
Non combustible with flammable componentsxxA2-s1, d0A2
Hardly inflammablexxB; C-s1, d0B1
 xA2; B; C-s2, d0
 xA2; B; C-s3, d0
x A2; B; C-s1, d1
x A2; B; C-s1, d2
  A2; B; C-s3, d2
Normal flammabilityxxD-s1, d0B2
 xD-s2, d0
 xD-s3, d0
x D-s1, d2
  D-s2, d2
  D-s3, d2
Easily inflammable  FB3

Our fire safety-related project references

As fire safety plays a major role in every single building, our Digital Signage models and kiosk systems have already had the opportunity to prove themselves in a wide variety of projects.

Major projects have been implemented, e.g., in a wide variety of shopping malls. PHEX consolesare very frequently used to provide directions and guidance in those situations.

In universities and libraries, including the Free Berlin University, the Dresden Technical University, and the University of Leipzig, many of our standard-production models are used, for example to manage room signage.

Fire safety is also a major issue in railway stations and airports. Our Self check-in systems are already in use at London Gatwick and in airports in Norway and Sweden.

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Self Check-in Terminals in schwedischen Flughafen

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