10 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Digital Signage

Digital signage is a true all-rounder. Increasing profits, working more efficiently, increasing employee commitment and customer satisfaction - all this is much easier and less complicated than you think.

Many companies try to optimize their processes with the help of innovative ideas, because meanwhile not only business partners but also customers expect a certain standard. Digital signage can help you to meet this standard and also to create a modern image. Learn more about the most important reasons why digital signage can be crucial for your success.

#1 Attract attention

Digital displays attract more attention than analog ones. This even goes so far that customers stay in the store six minutes longer on average if digital signage creates a pleasant atmosphere. The use in the shop window also pays off and addresses interested customers directly.

#2 Save costs

When you replace your print media, you can reduce the running costs of things like paper and ink, not to mention the fact that by saving on all these materials and waste you become more environmentally friendly.

#3 Time saving

Often your staff is already working to full capacity during their normal working day, digital signage can help to relieve them.

#4 Communication tool

You can determine the content of your steles from anywhere in the world; whether in the office, on campus or in a public building. Using the central content management system, you can allow one person, a team or a group to manage the content. This simplifies communication with your customers and saves a lot of time.

#5 Integration

Do you use dashboards, event calendars, social media feeds or news to be displayed on digital signage devices? No problem - integrating your content is easy, it can even be presented automatically so you don't have to do anything.

#6 Advertising space

Present exciting advertising content on a digital surface. With our up to 49" displays this is possible without restrictions. You can address your customers directly and draw attention to loyalty campaigns, vouchers or new products.

#7 Increase employee commitment

Digital signage increases the commitment of employees, especially the current workforce. And every company benefits from this! Productivity and job satisfaction can contribute significantly to the performance of your employees.

#8 Display of real-time graphics

Real-time charts and KPI's can also be used to boost the motivation of your employees. This way, it can be shown directly how you and your employees achieve goals together.

#9 Digital door signs and room bookings

Meeting rooms can be equipped with digital doorplates to see directly when and by whom a room has been booked. Of course, changes can be conveniently planned and managed via your event calendar.

#10 Reduce waiting times                 

Infotainment is an important keyword at this point. No customer or visitor likes to spend a long time in the waiting area. Digital displays with news, the weather forecast, information about the company or industry news can help to make time pass a little faster.