Digital signage at the workplace - a Win-Win situation

From Digital out of Home (DooH) to Industry 4.0 - Digital Signage can be used in many different ways.

Digital signage is often equated with digital outdoor advertising - short DooH - and reduced to the, admittedly equally immense, potential available in it. Although this is a large and important part of the possible applications, it does not do justice to the entire spectrum of applications. A use at the workplace is profitable for almost all companies.

When talking about successful corporate management, there are certain success factors that are repeatedly emphasized by experts as key factors. A recurring element: communication!

employees talking while having a coffee
Communication is the key to success // Photo by Jessica Sysengrath on Unsplash

Communication is the key to success

Almost degenerated into a phrase, but never lost its relevance: Communication within a company is essential for its success. The control of the entire organization only works - or works even better - if the internal communication runs as smoothly as possible. Especially in this case digital signage solutions can be an enrichment. It is precisely at these locations that the digital solution is superior to the analog one. With digital signage, the blackboard, the paper chaos or the flood of information e-mails are a thing of the past. Well-functioning internal communication is the key to a successful company. 

Spread information - at all touchpoints!

After all, it is often the case that the important announcement with the new company policy is sent to everyone, but clicked away by half. Because another project is currently on the agenda, the mail is to be read later. And before you know it, the mailbox is full again and the email slips down. The mail with the policy gone. Out of sight, out of mind! Here, a digital signage solution installed at a central location can provide an easy remedy. The content loop on the display and the appealing, visualized design of the company news make it easier to pass on important information to employees. The display attracts attention and increases the visibility of relevant content.

55 Inch PHEX screen Digital Signage Solution at Max Planck Institute

Interactive employer branding

Content on the screens can also be designed interactively. If, for example, the company's social media feed is displayed, employees can link and comment and thus not only reinforce their attachment to the product and the company, but also expand it. Pictures of the last company celebration or team event strengthen the team spirit and invite to short and funny conversations. Employer branding as a positive side effect of digital signage!

Motivation and identification

In general, a large display at central locations can have a positive influence on corporate culture. The company's values can easily be communicated to everyone. Through the increased contact with information on corporate culture and history, employees internalize it rather than just reading it on paper. After all, it is crucial that employees know the mission for which they work every day. True to the speaking of Ovid "Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.", there cannot be enough contact with the company's goals. This has a positive effect on motivation, commitment to the cause and thus satisfaction.

Equipping workplaces with digital signage and benefit!

No matter whether it is an office, a warehouse, the production, the break room, the foyer or the canteen: With the right use of digital signage on the company premises, employees can be networked, company goals communicated, motivation increased and success consolidated. Digital signage is therefore not only a positive aspect for employees and entrepreneurs in terms of their external image, but also represents a win-win situation internally.

Employee information through a 55 inch screen