Digital signage outdoor displays at the Semperoper Dresden

In the middle of May, eKiosk installed two SELKET displays in the main entrance at the opera house in Dresden.

The Semperoper Dresden is one of the landmarks of the city and has been a long-standing customer of eKiosk. In addition to information totems and wall-mounted displays, now outdoor digital signage devices are among opera's technical equipment.

Semperoper mit Outdoor Displays von eKiosk

With these modern information displays, the opera house wants to communicate it's latest schedule, dates for special events and the opening hours. The landscape outdoor-terminals serve as guideposts to the Semper Two building as well as to the booking office at Schinkelwache.

Installation of the outdoor-screens

For mounting of the SELKET wall displays, eKiosk had to consider the requirements of the monument protection. Particulary important, the devices had to integrate harmoniously into overall appearance of the Semperoper building. Accordingly, position and colour for the displays had been customized by eKiosk and opera's decision makers.

Outdoor Displays für die Semperoper Dresden von eKiosk

At perfect mounting height for the devices, the positions for screws and cable access points were marked. Adhesive anchors with threaded rods had been used to fasten the displays to the wall. A professional construction company integrated these anchors in advance of our installation.

Installation der Outdoor Kiosksysteme an der Semperoper Dresden

After preparations, eKiosk delivered the wall displays. We lifted up the devices with a special lift truck hung and bolted the outdoor screens. Afterwards we just had to insert the cables to put terminals into operation.

Outdoor Digital Signage Modell SELKET von eKiosk

Outdoor displays for permanent operation

Due to installation site of the digital signage devices, we used our outdoor SELKET wall model for the opera house. These 55“ landscape terminals are weatherproof and optimal for outdoor areas, because of their displays brightness. In addition, the surface of the safety glass pane is glare free, which minimize reflections.

Digital Signage Outdoor Geräte von eKiosk für Semperoper Dresden

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