First self check in terminal in CHEM hospital in Niederkorn

Since May 2017, patients at the CHEM (Center Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch) can register themselves for their hospital appointments. The terminal is the first of its kind in Luxembourg.

As part of a pilot project, eKiosk equipped the CHEM Polyclinic in Niederkorn with a digital registration portal at the beginning of May. Patients can announce themselves by touchscreen and scanner for their treatments. The model SACHMET has a monitor, a scanner and a bon printer. The color and the PC equipment has been customized for the project.

Self-Check-in-Terminal SACHMET in Luxemburger Krankenhaus - eKiosk
The model SACHMET as self check in terminal

In the entrance hall of the hospital, patients can scan their insurance card and confirm the data displayed on the screen (name, appointment etc.). They have the possibility to announce themselves for their appointment without the help of an employee. The self check in terminal prints a waiting number for the patients. The identity is once again checked by an employee before the treatment in order to meet the strict safety guidelines.

Shorter waiting times because of check-in terminal

Thanks to the new system, the patient streams are already separated in the entrance area: inpatients and outpatients. In fact, the waiting times are shorter and the service quality increases. "We want to offer our patients user-friendly, innovative and fast solutions," said Daniel Cardao, CHEM's Head of Administration and Finance Director. Therefore, such self-check-in system is also planned in the near future at the Esch site.