Product configuration for a positive Customer Experience

Multichannel Marketing at VITRA Popup Store

In the KaDeWe, vitra. uses our PHEX Stand 55‘‘ model for showing potential customers different product features in a modern way. Customers can use the touch screen to browse through the whole assortment of vitra. So they can get all the information about available colors and shapes of vitra’s products. With the product configurator, the manufacturer can enlarge the presented product range at the POS and it gives sales managers a handy tool to react on customers’ requests.

Stele als digitaler Produktkonfigurator
Stele im KaDeWe Berlin - Shoppingcenter

It is fun to use the product configurator and it helps vitra. to create a more positive shopping experience for the customer.

PHEX Stand 55'' in weiß im KaDeWe in Berlin