(Self) Check-In Solutions

Whether at airports, cruise ships, hospitals, hotels or events – self check-in systems are a comfortable service for you and your clients.

London Gatwick Airport Check-In Terminals von eKiosk

Self Check-In systems by eKiosk

Self Check-In solutions are for example found here:

  • Airports
  • Cruise ships
  • Hospitals and
  • Hotels

Self check-inis not meant to make personal contact obsolete but rather to streamline processes.

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Self check-in for aviation

At airports many people need to get to the departure gate simultaneously in a short amount of time. The requisite organisational and safety related processes require a high degree of automation.

Passengers can of course use the regular check in desk, but with high volumes of travellers and the associated waiting times the use of a CUSS (Common Use Self Service) system or an e-Check in terminal makes sense.

To check in, passengers place their ID document on the scanner, the system automatically finds existing bookings and prints the boarding pass after selecting the desired seat. This procedure has been used with frequent flyers for many years. Travel groups can use the terminals together and reserve neighbouring seats.

Self check-in offers multiple important functions

For checked luggage, a bag tag can be printed using the same terminal, and the luggage can be dropped of in self service – entirely without waiting.

Excess luggage can be paid for as well, and a tag number receipt will be issued. This number (typically 6 digits) and the airline IATA code is a unique identification method in case luggage gets lost.

Further applications stretch from installation right on the luggage conveyor belt to check in of cabin luggage even before security.

eKiosk develops check-in solutions which, amongst others, are installed at London Gatwick airport, in Jakarta, Sweden (Swedavia) and Norway (AVINOR). Software partner is MATERNA GmbH from Dortmund.

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Self check-in /check-out at hotels and hospitals

Hotels increasingly use kiosk systems to process check-in and check-out. At check-in, guests authenticate themselves with an ID document to complete an existing booking. After that the guest receives the room key (chip or swipe cards) as well as a printout of the room number and further information (breakfast times, WLAN voucher and others)

At check-out the guest goes through authorisation again and then returns the room key and pays the invoice electronically.

Particularly at trade fair events or at occasions when many guests have to check out simultaneously, this type of system leads to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Additional functionality such as regional information or even booking leisure facilities further increases satisfaction.

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Self check in for patients

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