Fast – faster – 5G

The impact of a 5G network rollout on the digital signage industry

Consumers have barely converted to 4G but the successor is already on the doorstep. Changes due to digitalization are already normal, but what is special in this time is the speed with which changes are introduced. Companies no longer have years to adapt, but must implement new business models within months, preferably weeks. 5G will definitely have a decisive influence on exactly this and an impact on companies, but also on the end consumer. … Read More

Porträt eines jungen kaukasischen Mannes in Arbeitskleidung mit Tisch, Industrie 4.0

New Whitepaper on Industry 4.0

Made in Germany – the worldwide recognized seal of origin reflects the production power of Germany. The country has confidently established itself in the world’s top export markets through innovation. However, Germany is more reserved when it comes to implementing Industry 4.0 technologies. … Read More

fire protection

Occupational health and safety rethought

Industry 4.0 – a buzzword that equally determines media and events. In connection with the design of future work, numerous new word creations such as leadership or employer 4.0 have emerged. However, terms which are provided with the addition 4.0 are not necessarily central drivers of industry and business, but reflect in part mere terms for facts in the digital context. Occupational health and safety is an important part of the changing world of work. The emergence of new technologies in production, logistics and transport also opens up new fields of action for occupational health and safety. The safety of employees must be rethought in the course of digitalisation and changing working conditions. … Read More

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Industry 4.0: Triumph of robots, defeat for humans?

A few years ago, it was an expression for a future project of the German federal government, today it is a serious political agenda. Industry 4.0 is one of many areas in the expanding field of digitalization. All elements of the production cycle, from development to recycling, are digitized in some way. The focus is not on human machine operation, but rather on machine communication and automation with minimal human input. Is this where a dystopian nightmare begins for all fitters, technicians and warehousemen? … Read More