Co-developer Stephan Huber and shop owner Mathias Wehner present the new traffic light

Decorative shop now regulates its customer flows digitally

The decoration shop Wehner in Bad Homburg installed our Corona entrance traffic light a few days ago. Business owner Matthias Wehner considers it a reasonable investment.

Since the relaxation of the corona regulations, the inner cities are again filled with people who are eager to buy. While shopping through Bad Homburg’s city centre, Matthias Wehner saw a security employee in front of a grocery store counting the customers coming in and going out. … Read More

Uwe Schröder mit Corona Ampel

Our IoT-based Corona entrance system in test at Fahrrad XXL in Dresden

The eKiosk entrance system is now in field test at Fahrrad XXL in Dresden-Nickern and gives exciting insights.

At Fahrrad XXL in Dresden-Nickern, an eKiosk entrance traffic signal has recently been tested. Previously, an employee had to sit at the entrance all day long and count the incoming and outgoing customers. A total of 92 people are allowed into the shop, which offers everything for real bicycle enthusiasts. … Read More

Edler Optik Eingangsbereich mit Corona Ampel

Digital entrance system at Edler Optik in Esslingen

At Edler Optik in Esslingen one of our Corona inlet traffic lights has been in use for several days. Owner Wolfgang Edler is enthusiastic about it. Due to the loosening of the nationwide shutdown at the end of April, many shops were able to open again. So also the family business of Wolgang and Kirsten Edler in Esslingen. … Read More

#CoronaCare: distance counts

Keeping our distance is not easy, but in these times, it can save lives. Social distancing is probably the biggest challenge of all right now. Government measures are designed to slow down the spread of the corona virus, which is currently causing almost the entire world to stand still. … Read More

Fast – faster – 5G

The impact of a 5G network rollout on the digital signage industry

Consumers have barely converted to 4G but the successor is already on the doorstep. Changes due to digitalization are already normal, but what is special in this time is the speed with which changes are introduced. Companies no longer have years to adapt, but must implement new business models within months, preferably weeks. 5G will definitely have a decisive influence on exactly this and an impact on companies, but also on the end consumer. … Read More

crumpled bon

Why no digital sales slips?

Starting this year, the receipt requirement was introduced for all retailers in Germany. The cash register law was passed to “protect against manipulation of basic digital records”. Retailers must now print a receipt for every purchase, no matter how small, which has triggered an intense debate. Proponents believe that this is the only way to stop black market trading. Opponents argue that the state is only interested in knowing what the population actually purchases. … Read More

info terminals at trade fair

The interactice price tag

Digitalisation is on the advance and, of course, the automotive industry will not be spared.

Manufacturing, vehicle management, even price tags in car dealerships are part of the digital change. An article by Invidis focused on the latter. The trend is moving towards digital displays, which have already been used at car shows to present consumption data, price and features of the car. … Read More

Intelligentes Digital Signage Marketing- und Gesichtserkennungskonzept. Zwei Frauen gehen durch interaktive digitale Werbung mit künstlicher Intelligenz im Einkaufszentrum des Einzelhandels.

Big Data: Curse or blessing for retail?

Understanding the customer – that is the goal of every retailer. Because the better the customer behaviour is examined, the more precisely needs and expectations can be met. The result: rising sales figures.

In e-commerce, customer analysis using Big Data has been common practice for some time now. This is also necessary in the technology-driven industrial age in order to remain competitive. As the name suggests, Big Data is a huge amount of data. … Read More

globus stele

Retail 4.0 | eKiosk equips GLOBUS stores with touch totems

Customers can now obtain information at digital terminals with touch screens in more than 120 GLOBUS stores. The company is thus taking another important step in the direction of digitization and offering its customers real added value. … Read More


Product configuration for a positive Customer Experience

In the KaDeWe, vitra. uses our PHEX Stand 55‘‘ model for showing potential customers different product features in a modern way. Customers can use the touch screen to browse through the whole assortment of vitra. So they can get all the information about available colors and shapes of vitra’s products. With the product configurator, the manufacturer can enlarge the presented product range at the POS and it gives sales managers a handy tool to react on customers’ requests. … Read More