7 Things You Should Know About the Corona Entrance Control

Corona has completely turned the economic sector upside down. From one day to the next there were many restrictions. Nevertheless, we are now returning to normality, with the help of technical means. This means that shops and public buildings can reopen, albeit under certain restrictions. The Corona entrance control from eKiosk offers a possible solution to meet these restrictions. Learn more about the advantages of Corona entrance control now. … Read More

Corona Ampel Eingangsszenario

How to use our Corona Entrance Control properly

The retail trade is allowed to open its doors again and revitalises the cityscape. In order to avoid the risk of further infections from an increased number of customers after the relaxation, it is important to manage customer flows effectively and flexibly. With our digital entrance control it is possible to do this, but only if it is implemented correctly. … Read More

How Digital Signage can help during the crisis

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate everyday life and politicians are taking measures to contain it, many retailers are in an unpleasant situation. … Read More

Corona Ampel PHEX

Corona entry traffic light – rent now!

The Corona Pandemic continues to keep us on our toes. Nevertheless, we are currently returning to our normal everyday life to some extent. Or rather, into our new normal everyday life. And this is primarily through creative solutions that offer added value for society and thus save human lives. … Read More

#CoronaCare: distance counts

Keeping our distance is not easy, but in these times, it can save lives. Social distancing is probably the biggest challenge of all right now. Government measures are designed to slow down the spread of the corona virus, which is currently causing almost the entire world to stand still. … Read More

thermometer close-up

CoVid 19 – necessity is the mother of invention

Digital solutions can help to overcome this crisis. Early recognition of symptoms is obviously also part of this. … Read More

Fast – faster – 5G

The impact of a 5G network rollout on the digital signage industry

Consumers have barely converted to 4G but the successor is already on the doorstep. Changes due to digitalization are already normal, but what is special in this time is the speed with which changes are introduced. Companies no longer have years to adapt, but must implement new business models within months, preferably weeks. 5G will definitely have a decisive influence on exactly this and an impact on companies, but also on the end consumer. … Read More

old woman in an wheel chair outside

Digital signage in retirement homes

n Germany we are experiencing demographic change. Due to medical progress, people are getting older and older and the demographic group of people over 60 is growing. At the same time, the number of people in the younger age segment is declining. This is due to the changed birth rate. Fewer children, more senior citizens – this means that the need for retirement homes is very high and will continue to rise in the future. Operators of such facilities aim to make daily life as easy as possible for their residents. Interactive kiosk systems can be a great help here.

Read More

medical consulting

New Whitepaper on Healthcare 4.0 – The Digital Way to Better Care

Up to 15 billion euros in sales, more than 10,000 additional jobs and savings up to 4 billion euros. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

However, these are precisely the future forecasts for the healthcare sector made by the business consulting firm Roland Berger. But these forecasts only apply to a digitized and state-of-the-art industry and ongoing digitization. … Read More

fire protection

Occupational health and safety rethought

Industry 4.0 – a buzzword that equally determines media and events. In connection with the design of future work, numerous new word creations such as leadership or employer 4.0 have emerged. However, terms which are provided with the addition 4.0 are not necessarily central drivers of industry and business, but reflect in part mere terms for facts in the digital context. Occupational health and safety is an important part of the changing world of work. The emergence of new technologies in production, logistics and transport also opens up new fields of action for occupational health and safety. The safety of employees must be rethought in the course of digitalisation and changing working conditions. … Read More



Bezahloptionen im eKiosk Shop

optionen im eKiosk Shop

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In der Regel zahlen Neukunden bei uns per Vorkasse. Ausgenommen sind lediglich Städte bzw. Kommunen und Schulen. Konzerne können im Einzelfall auch andere Regelungen vereinbaren.


Kunden, die bei uns als Bestandskunden geführt werden, zahlen standardmäßig per Rechnung (10 Tage Netto oder nach Vereinbarung).


Kunden, die bei uns Produkte mieten, zahlen immer per Vorkasse. Das gilt auch für Bestandskunden.


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Versand von Kaufgeräten

Versand per Paket

Kleine Systeme, wie z. B. das SIRRION 12“ und 15“ sowie Ersatzteile versenden wir per Paket.

23,00 € innerhalb Deutschlands

Versand mit Europalette

Fast alle Kiosksysteme zwischen 19“ und 42“ versenden wir per Europalette.

  • 153,00 € – 1 Gerät je Palette, in Deutschland
  • 167,00 € – 2 Geräte je Palette, in Deutschland
  • 264,00 € – 1 Gerät je Palette, nach Österreich
  • 434,00 € – 1 Gerät je Palette, inkl. Zoll, in der Schweiz

Bei einigen Geräten ist ein Versand mit 2 Geräten pro Palette möglich. Fragen Sie hierzu bei unserem Vertrieb nach: Zum Kontaktformular


Alle Modelle größer als 49” versenden wir per Sonderpalette. Die Preise werden je nach Produkt individuell vereinbart. Fragen Sie hierzu bei unserem Vertrieb nach: Zum Kontaktformular


Auf Wunsch versenden wir Geräte in einer stabilen Transportbox/einem Flight-Case. Es wird immer nur 1 Gerät je Case verpackt.

  • 263,00 € – in Deutschland, inkl. Rückholung des leeren Case
  • 479,00 € – nach Österreich inkl. Rückholung des leeren Case
  • 850,00 € – in die Schweiz, inkl. Rückholung des leeren Case


Auf Wunsch versenden wir unsere Produkte per Kurier. Die Kosten sind abhängig von der Lieferadresse und anderen Faktoren. Wir überprüfen gerne die Verfügbarkeit für Sie auf Anfrage.

Wir empfehlen ein Versenden per Kurier bei einer Stückzahl von mehr als 2 Modellen, vor allem für Geräte ab 42”.

Versand von Mietgeräten

  • per Europalette: CERES 22“, Console 32“
  • per Case: PHEX Stand 55“
  • per Kurier: Kosten abhängig von der Lieferadresse

Eine Spedition liefert Ihnen die Produkte per Europalette oder Case bis frei Bordsteinkante.

Die Kosten entsprechen einem Versand von Kaufgeräten.

Auf Wunsch beauftragen wir einen Kurier, der das Modell bis frei Verwendungsstelle liefert. Fragen Sie hierzu bei unserem Vertrieb nach: Zum Kontaktformular