Let digital signage and digital self-service applications be promoted with bridging aid

Numerous German companies have found themselves in a very tense economic situation as a result of the lockdowns. But the companies are recovering. Nevertheless, sensible investments in digital technologies are currently being put on hold or postponed to subsequent years. This will ultimately put the brakes on the digitisation drive and the aspirations of the Federal Government throughout Germany. In order to counteract this, the Federal Government is supporting companies that would like to implement their planned projects this year after all with the bridging aid III Plus until the end of October. Digitisation projects are subsidised with up to 20,000 euros. … Read More

glass sphere in hand

What is the next step with Digital Signage?

Companies are facing the biggest challenge they have ever faced – the digital signage industry is no exception. With most retailers around the world closing, airports and train stations barely carrying passengers, and limited availability of restaurants and other entertainment options, the key players in the digital signage industry are assessing the business impact. The question arises: How is digital signage developing in the face of the Corona pandemic? … Read More

Fast – faster – 5G

The impact of a 5G network rollout on the digital signage industry

Consumers have barely converted to 4G but the successor is already on the doorstep. Changes due to digitalization are already normal, but what is special in this time is the speed with which changes are introduced. Companies no longer have years to adapt, but must implement new business models within months, preferably weeks. 5G will definitely have a decisive influence on exactly this and an impact on companies, but also on the end consumer. … Read More

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Digital signage in retirement homes

n Germany we are experiencing demographic change. Due to medical progress, people are getting older and older and the demographic group of people over 60 is growing. At the same time, the number of people in the younger age segment is declining. This is due to the changed birth rate. Fewer children, more senior citizens – this means that the need for retirement homes is very high and will continue to rise in the future. Operators of such facilities aim to make daily life as easy as possible for their residents. Interactive kiosk systems can be a great help here.

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