The winner of the German Innovation Award in Gold: the Ideenzug-City of the German Railways

The Ideenzug-City was already presented by German Railways in the summer of 2021. This year, the prototype has now been awarded the gold German Innovation Award in the Aviation, Ship and Railway Technology category. The aim of this pilot project is to improve quality and increase capacity in a climate-friendly way through innovative digital signage innovations. With all these new enhancements, it reflects the future vision of public transport. Commuters and excursionists in particular should be able to benefit from this commuter rail service. In the form of digital signage installations, the focus is on convenience and service.

Thus, there will be a screened privacy area for travelers. There, among other things, it is possible to work on the road. The connection feature between the user’s own laptop and the displays integrated in the train stands out in particular.
Other new features of this kind include window panes that adjust to the time of day, making for comfortable travel, effective work and lower energy consumption. A large display on the rear wall of the locomotive driver’s cab is also integrated into the S-Bahn. On this, information about the current trip and the current location is visualized on a digital route network map.


In order not to lose orientation even from the outside, an LED light band is attached to the entire train, which corresponds to the line color of the respective S-Bahn. In addition, the destination of the journey is visible via a 180° display on the outside of the train. It adapts to the respective viewing angle of the passengers and moves from its central position to the side when entering a station. Over-door displays are also installed above all doors, providing information about the destination, important stopovers, as well as the occupancy of the respective compartment. Novel digital augmented foils, which are attached to the windows, clarify multi-purpose areas for e.g. strollers and bicycles. To still see the view, these can be set to be completely transparent while driving.

In addition, there will be special holders for e-scooters brought along to ensure good storage during the ride. This also still has an integrated charging function.

A particularly unique feature of the Ideenzug City model is the flexible standing and seating layout, which can be adapted to the respective passenger volume at any time. This means that space can be created for up to 40% more travelers at peak times. Camera sensors and effect lighting also ensure good passenger guidance. In the process, the walking paths of the guests are anonymously tracked. This is then matched with the number of available standing and seated seats so that passengers can subsequently be directed to available seats in real time.

eKiosk is also represented in public transport. Our devices can be found at several train stations in Germany, including the main train station in Leipzig. There, our outdoor terminals serve to guide the way, as well as to display information.

Photos: DB AG/Oliver Lang