digital systems for public institutions, authorities and administrations

Kiosk systems and digital signage solutions in public institutions are now indispensable due to legal regulations. In 2017, for example, the OZG (Online Access Act) laid down requirements for the digitization of public administrations.

Classical examples for an Administration 4.0 are call systems or POS terminals for the payment of fees, which can already be found in many institutions. In the field of e-government, kiosk systems have been developed where complete transactions between authorities and citizens can be carried out.

Application areas in public institutions

Visitor Management


Call System

Shaping the future.

eKiosk already has a variety of solutions for digital administration in its portfolio. We were also part of the project “Saxon Citizens’ Terminal”, for which we developed new hardware and software. If you would like to learn more about this topic, please contact us.

More information about our citizen terminals

Use the advantages of our devices and learn more about citizen terminals for administrations and citizens.

Until 2000
all administrative services should be digital

Quick and easy

The Benefits of Citizen Terminals in Public Administrations

The focus of these kiosk solutions for government agencies, public administrations and municipalities is the decentralized processing and optimization of administrative files for citizens, who can thus be reached in rural areas via e-government.

Within the framework of the digital public authority service, administrative files such as passport applications, re-registration when moving house, child benefit applications or business registrations are processed easily and conveniently.

Citizens' Consultation

Citizens' terminals enable personal and direct advice. Thus, requests can be processed much more efficiently and quickly.

Video Telephony

Via video telephony, picture-to-picture contact can be established with an administrative employee.

Interactive Operation

Our touch displays enable simple and intuitive operation. If a different language setting is required, this can be easily set on the terminal.

Payment Function

If payments have to be made, this process can take place directly on the device. There are different payment options, for example by credit card.

Print Function

Using the print functions, forms and applications can be printed directly.

Electronic Signature

To facilitate administrative processes, signatures can also be executed digitally. This simplifies data maintenance and contributes to a more rapid processing of applications.

news about Public Institutions

The Online Access Act

Public authorities in Germany are to be increasingly digitized in order to offer citizens simple and fast communication.


As early as 2013, a digitisation programme was established with the Act on the Promotion of Electronic Administration - the E-Government Act. The aim is to provide the federal, state and local governments with user-friendly electronic administrative services.


Bereits 2013 wurde mit dem Gesetz zur Förderung der elektronischen Verwaltung – dem E-Government-Gesetz – eine Digitalisierungs-Programm festgelegt. Ziel ist es, Bund, Länder und Kommunen mit nutzerfreundlichen elektronischen Verwaltungsdiensten auszustatten.

Online Access Act

Since then, the "Digital Governance 2020" programme has been launched, in which the security and efficiency of digital systems play a particularly important role. In addition, the OZG - the Online Access Act - came into force in 2017. This law obliges the federal and state governments to "offer their administrative services also electronically via administrative portals". (OZG, §1, Abs. 2)

digital Kiosk-Systems

Simple access to the interconnected portals is thus to be created by 2022, for example with the aid of digital kiosk systems. These have Internet access as well as scanners and printers and are set up in freely accessible areas of the administration building.

Digital terminals to promote efficiency

In addition to the above-mentioned classic digital signage applications in public institutions such as wayfinding and visitor management, the self-service sector in particular offers a wide range of opportunities for public authorities. For example, citizens can reserve license plates, submit applications and adjust data online outside opening hours.

Independent Processing

A self-sufficiently functioning citizens' terminal enables independent processing of requests (housing benefit application).

Authentication Possible

Authentication is carried out via the identity card or by means of an electronic signature, without employees taking action.

Relief for Employees

Processes such as the reservation of a desired license plate number at the terminal can thus be handled by the user alone. This self-service process relieves employees of time-consuming routine tasks.

Our Success Stories

Citizens’ Terminal Saxony Citizens’ Terminal Saxony
Within the scope of a tender, eKiosk produced the Citizens' Terminal for the Saxon Ministry of the Interior. In addition to the individual redesign of the hardware, the services included the associated software and the backend system.
Citizens' Terminal Saxony
Citizens’ Terminal Saxony

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