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eKiosk On Important Mission

We at eKiosk recently left our company premises in a small team in order to realize an urgent order outside the company. With them were two of our devices. An insight: … Read More

Phex Stand Stelen auf Greentech Festival

Avatar On eKiosk Steles

The Greentech Festival took place in Berlin from 16 – 18 September. Representatives from business, science and culture came together in lectures, panel discussions and workshops to present a wide range of ideas and examples on the topics of energy supply, nutrition and mobility the future. One of our equipment was also on site. … Read More

Wanddisplays in der Tageskasse der Semperoper Dresden

Schinkelwache Gets Digital Addition

Two new wall displays were recently installed in the Dresden Semper Opera’s advance booking office.

This will enable the ticket office in the Schinkelwache to communicate with visitors in a modern way. The screens show information about events and guided tours and present impressive scenes from previously performed performances. … Read More


Articles on various industry topics

Digital Signage Stelen in einer Einkaufsstraße

Digital Signage as a Warning Instrument

Have you noticed it? In Germany, signalling systems and warning apps for disaster situations were tested across the country on 10 September – conclusion: a catastrophe. The test revealed that the warning system still has too many errors at various levels and that the state governments will have to do a lot of follow-up work. We ask ourselves: Can digital signage play a role in finding a solution and make the failure forgotten? … Read More

Mann mit Kopfhörern vor seinem Laptop

The bank branch of the future

The number of banks using video consulting and telepresence terminals continues to rise. Not least the corona conditions are forcing a change in the otherwise rather classic banking sector. The current situation therefore gives new opportunities to already existing trends like virtual reality. … Read More

VR in the banking sector conceivable?

The financial world is no fun. It is number-driven, complicated and usually scares off consumers. Virtual reality is supposed to help and wake up the rather sleepy industry with fresh energy.

When you hear “virtual reality”, the first thing you might think of is video games that allow you to immerse yourself in their interactive 3D worlds – not banks. … Read More


Our collected knowledge on all topics around Digital Signage

Multi-Touch Table

Multitouch Tables – also known as Multitouch Tables – are an innovative platform to keep in touch with customers and guests interactively at eye level, for example at trade fairs, product demonstrations in the showroom or at events. … Read More

Corona Ampel Eingangsszenario

Entry Traffic Light

With the digital solution for customer inlet control, several inputs and outputs can be easily monitored and synchronously controlled simultaneously. … Read More

woman at a touch terminal

Interactive Digital Signage Stele

The Digital Signage Steles are characterized by high-quality electronic components, excellent workmanship and adaptable design.

A professional, brilliant display and a powerful computer with current performance parameters, designed for trouble-free continuous operation, are used. … Read More