Digital visitor management for industrial service providers

In many industrial companies, there is a lot of coming and going. Even today, however, visitor management is still mostly done ad hoc and with the help of manual lists or reception books. Automated visitor management can solve many challenges at the same time, as this practical case shows. … Read More

queue at super market

Safer Queuing With Clever Queue Management

Queuing at the supermarket checkout is a constant topic, especially during the current lockdown in Germany. After recurring relaxation of the measures, queues will quickly become a familiar sight again, even outside vital stores. They are not only time-consuming, but also pose a serious risk of infection in times of the pandemic: People gather in front of stores, boutiques, post offices and citizens’ offices, and despite distance rules and masks, infections cannot be ruled out. This is why there is a growing demand for methods and technologies to tackle the queuing problem. … Read More

erschöpfte Pflegerin sitzt auf Boden

New Hospital Future Law as a Pioneer of Health 4.0

The need for digital technologies in the health care system has existed not only since the emergence of the corona pandemic. However, recent events have shown that digitisation in Germany has not yet been sufficiently advanced in many areas, including the health sector. The Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz (KHZG – Hospital Future Act) passed in September is now intended to accelerate the process. … Read More

Digital Signage Stelen in einer Einkaufsstraße

Digital Signage as a Warning Instrument

Have you noticed it? In Germany, signalling systems and warning apps for disaster situations were tested across the country on 10 September – conclusion: a catastrophe. The test revealed that the warning system still has too many errors at various levels and that the state governments will have to do a lot of follow-up work. We ask ourselves: Can digital signage play a role in finding a solution and make the failure forgotten? … Read More

Mann mit Kopfhörern vor seinem Laptop

The bank branch of the future

The number of banks using video consulting and telepresence terminals continues to rise. Not least the corona conditions are forcing a change in the otherwise rather classic banking sector. The current situation therefore gives new opportunities to already existing trends like virtual reality. … Read More

VR in the banking sector conceivable?

The financial world is no fun. It is number-driven, complicated and usually scares off consumers. Virtual reality is supposed to help and wake up the rather sleepy industry with fresh energy.

When you hear “virtual reality”, the first thing you might think of is video games that allow you to immerse yourself in their interactive 3D worlds – not banks. … Read More

Airport Waiting Area

Safe Air Traffic Thanks to Digital Signage

As of this week, there is no longer a global travel warning for most EU member states, the Schengen area and Great Britain. The borders between Germany and the neighbouring states are again passable without controls. Air traffic is also getting back on track, but under special security measures. … Read More

Facebook Shops and Digital Signage

Facebook and shopping was previously known from the countless Facebook groups, which serve as a marketplace for private individuals – all according to the motto: “I sell, trade, offer…”. At the end of May, the social media giant launched the so-called Facebook Shops in order to become a part of online commerce with its reach and technical possibilities. … Read More

Digital Signage in Retail

How to Digital Signage? Do’s and Dont’s in Retail

Digital signage devices are increasingly being used in retail. They have great potential to increase sales by preventing shopping cart abandonment, strengthening customer loyalty or being the interface between online and offline shopping. What do you need to consider to ensure that the integration in your store runs smoothly and that you benefit from the devices? … Read More

Digital Signage Displays aneinandergereiht

10 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Digital Signage

Digital signage is a true all-rounder. Increasing profits, working more efficiently, increasing employee commitment and customer satisfaction – all this is much easier and less complicated than you think.

Many companies try to optimize their processes with the help of innovative ideas, because meanwhile not only business partners but also customers expect a certain standard. … Read More

glass sphere in hand

What is the next step with Digital Signage?

Companies are facing the biggest challenge they have ever faced – the digital signage industry is no exception. With most retailers around the world closing, airports and train stations barely carrying passengers, and limited availability of restaurants and other entertainment options, the key players in the digital signage industry are assessing the business impact. The question arises: How is digital signage developing in the face of the Corona pandemic? … Read More

Thank you in neonlights

Just to say: Thank you!

In times in which more than ever certain professions are important, it is important to say thank you. That is what we want to do.

Covid-19 keeps all the people in the world concerned. The prevailing pandemic has slowed down our daily lives and at the same time it is causing chaos. More and more governments, companies, celebrities and associations are therefore thanking all those who, day after day, are out there to ensure that life can continue to run as smoothly as possible. … Read More

Fast – faster – 5G

The impact of a 5G network rollout on the digital signage industry

Consumers have barely converted to 4G but the successor is already on the doorstep. Changes due to digitalization are already normal, but what is special in this time is the speed with which changes are introduced. Companies no longer have years to adapt, but must implement new business models within months, preferably weeks. 5G will definitely have a decisive influence on exactly this and an impact on companies, but also on the end consumer. … Read More

old woman in an wheel chair outside

Digital signage in retirement homes

n Germany we are experiencing demographic change. Due to medical progress, people are getting older and older and the demographic group of people over 60 is growing. At the same time, the number of people in the younger age segment is declining. This is due to the changed birth rate. Fewer children, more senior citizens – this means that the need for retirement homes is very high and will continue to rise in the future. Operators of such facilities aim to make daily life as easy as possible for their residents. Interactive kiosk systems can be a great help here.

Read More

face with voice recognition

Siri, I am your father!

Probably the most famous language assistance software not only recognizes film quotes but also answers. Almost every Apple user uses Siri on their smartphone. But isn’t a speech recognition system transferable to other devices? Sure, it is also imaginable in digital signage. So the smartphone could move from your pocket to the wall and the speech recognition system could move right along with it. … Read More

crumpled bon

Why no digital sales slips?

Starting this year, the receipt requirement was introduced for all retailers in Germany. The cash register law was passed to “protect against manipulation of basic digital records”. Retailers must now print a receipt for every purchase, no matter how small, which has triggered an intense debate. Proponents believe that this is the only way to stop black market trading. Opponents argue that the state is only interested in knowing what the population actually purchases. … Read More

info terminals at trade fair

The interactice price tag

Digitalisation is on the advance and, of course, the automotive industry will not be spared.

Manufacturing, vehicle management, even price tags in car dealerships are part of the digital change. An article by Invidis focused on the latter. The trend is moving towards digital displays, which have already been used at car shows to present consumption data, price and features of the car. … Read More

fitness studio

Body Transformation with Digital Signage

Soon it will be time: new year, new resolutions. Stopping smoking, cycling more and eating less meat are among the usual New Year’s resolutions. But how often did you hear: “Next year I’ll register at the gym”? The New Year’s Eve party is over, the hangover is cured and at the beginning of January it’s time to train diligently. … Read More

Header für eine Seite mit geometrischen Formen in weiss

Trends for Digital Signage 2020

With digital signage it is possible to produce content that informs, entertains, interacts and fascinates – every day while shopping, travelling or queuing. The innumerable possible applications can be traced back to the development of the last decade. The success story of Digital Signage began with technological progress and marketing experts who recognized the benefits of the counterpart of poster advertising. As digital signage becomes increasingly dynamic and reactive, so does the associated market. This makes it all the more important to be up to date in order not to oversleep developments. … Read More

E-Auto an Ladestation Digital Signage an Ladestationen

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as Outdoor Advertising Carriers

The share of electric vehicles in Germany is just over one percent. This is partly due to the lack of charging infrastructure for e-cars.

The Federal Cabinet has therefore adopted the Infrastructure Master Plan in recent days. It contains measures for the rapid development of a comprehensive and user-friendly charging infrastructure for up to ten million electric vehicles by 2030. More than three billion euros will be invested in this by 2023. … Read More

Intelligentes Digital Signage Marketing- und Gesichtserkennungskonzept. Zwei Frauen gehen durch interaktive digitale Werbung mit künstlicher Intelligenz im Einkaufszentrum des Einzelhandels.

Big Data: Curse or blessing for retail?

Understanding the customer – that is the goal of every retailer. Because the better the customer behaviour is examined, the more precisely needs and expectations can be met. The result: rising sales figures.

In e-commerce, customer analysis using Big Data has been common practice for some time now. This is also necessary in the technology-driven industrial age in order to remain competitive. As the name suggests, Big Data is a huge amount of data. … Read More

broken glass

Anti-reflective and hardened – Displays for every situation

Did you ever experience a cracked screen on your phone? Its annoying and makes your phone loose its aesthetic appeal. As well as that, the device’s functionality is often limited.

Of course, our terminals are not exempt from damage to the display either. If this really happens, it is usually due to external violence. … Read More


Kiosk systems – the adaptation professionals among displays

Queues – you can see them everywhere. At the bus stop, at the supermarket checkout, in the fast food restaurant or at check-in at the airport. One spends a considerable amount of time waiting and often asks oneself: “How can this go faster?

And that’ s exactly where digital kiosk systems come in. An additional terminal can speed up the process and make it smoother. … Read More

fire protection

Occupational health and safety rethought

Industry 4.0 – a buzzword that equally determines media and events. In connection with the design of future work, numerous new word creations such as leadership or employer 4.0 have emerged. However, terms which are provided with the addition 4.0 are not necessarily central drivers of industry and business, but reflect in part mere terms for facts in the digital context. Occupational health and safety is an important part of the changing world of work. The emergence of new technologies in production, logistics and transport also opens up new fields of action for occupational health and safety. The safety of employees must be rethought in the course of digitalisation and changing working conditions. … Read More

car in production

Industry 4.0: Triumph of robots, defeat for humans?

A few years ago, it was an expression for a future project of the German federal government, today it is a serious political agenda. Industry 4.0 is one of many areas in the expanding field of digitalization. All elements of the production cycle, from development to recycling, are digitized in some way. The focus is not on human machine operation, but rather on machine communication and automation with minimal human input. Is this where a dystopian nightmare begins for all fitters, technicians and warehousemen? … Read More

e-receipt terminal

Digital Signage and Healthcare 4.0 – does that belong together?

Buzzwords, supplemented with 4.0, are very much in vogue. With Healthcare 4.0 there has also been added another term to the Healthcare portfolio. It refers to the digitalisation of hospitals, doctors’ practices and other players in the healthcare industry, e.g. pharmacies. But why do you hear so few success stories from this industry in Germany and how can the interaction of health data and information and communication technology hardware succeed? … Read More

max lanck info terminal

Digital signage at the workplace – a Win-Win situation

From Digital out of Home (DooH) to Industry 4.0 – Digital Signage can be used in many different ways.

Digital signage is often equated with digital outdoor advertising – short DooH – and reduced to the, admittedly equally immense, potential available in it. Although this is a large and important part of the possible applications, it does not do justice to the entire spectrum of applications. A use at the workplace is profitable for almost all companies. … Read More