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Everyone is familiar with the problems of long queues, decision-making under time pressure and a lack of product information prior to purchase. Today’s customers expect flexibility when shopping and ordering. Innovative digital signage technologies with interactive product presentations enable customers to make well-considered purchase decisions without time pressure, from ordering to payment. All-in-one, the customer benefits from increased satisfaction and the store can offer on average 30% larger shopping carts.

From Desire to Product, Ordering Without Pressure

For customers, payment & order terminals offer a useful way to make shopping run smoothly. Want an extra French bagel for breakfast? No problem: The desired goods can be ordered and paid for directly at the terminal – cashless and fast!
Surveys have shown that customers now prefer ordering at kiosk terminals, as this gives them the necessary quiet time to select their goods. In addition, contactless payment is also becoming increasingly preferred and widely accepted, not least due to the current Corona crisis. According to studies, 56 percent of Germany’s citizens are currently increasingly relying on card payments.

Countering the Shortage of Skilled Workers and Offering More Service

Especially chain bakeries and butcheries have a hard time finding suitable staff. With the interactive kiosk terminals, the existing staff can be relieved – no more pressure of a queue. This means better service and more satisfied customers. The functional layout of the hardware is perfectly complemented by the appropriate software selection. In gastronomic service, orders can be processed immediately in the kitchen thanks to simple cash register integration with (image) display of products. From the kiosk terminal, orders are sent to the kitchen without any loss of time and shown to the staff on a kitchen display. A healthy mix of multichannel marketing on the sales floor, an attractive and interactive product presentation, and a relaxed ordering process makes customers more willing to purchase.


Numerous Applications

The Order and Payment solution acts as an order terminal, product configurator and payment system - no matter what the premises.


Shorter queues, faster ordering process and decisions without time pressure - all without neglecting service.

Provide Information

Especially in the gastronomic sector, information about products is often missing. With the interactive screen, more detailed product descriptions can be retrieved quickly.

Easy Integration

The self-service kiosk can also be easily integrated into existing checkout systems. This makes it easy to implement a contemporary multichannel concept.

Revenue Generation

The sales-promoting concept of the self-service solution not only allows shopping carts to grow, but also saves on employee costs.


Payment & Order offers customers an all-round service. This ensures smooth processes all the way to receiving the goods.

Unsere Partner

PROVISIO GmbH develops the ordering and payment interface for our Order & Payment solutions based on SiteKiosk™. The Münster company is also responsible for integrating the checkout software into the basic application. 

Unternehmenslogo paymentexperts

PAYMENTEXPERTS GmbH supports us with its consulting services on the topic of payment processes. The expertise ranges from the selection of the right payment provider to support with equipment and roll-out planning. 

With its agency services, eKiosk GmbH is responsible for the design, creation and configuration of the user interface. 

eKiosk Agentur

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How can we help you?


Do you have questions or need professional advice?
Please contact us by phone under +49 (0)351 50174 0 or via our contact form.