Brandschutzdisplay mit Fluchtplan in Schulgebäude

HALOGI – the display optimised for fire protection

Fire protection is regulated in a large number of legal regulations, especially in the fire protection laws and building regulations of the federal states. Fire protection guidelines provide for the achievement of fire protection goals by means of suitable measures that have a preventive as well as defensive effect. Preventive fire protection should counteract the development and spread of fires by taking structural and organisational measures. … Read More

Digital Signage Systems in big room

eKiosk Starts Summer Sales

We are clearing our storage and that means for you: Kiosk devices at a greatly reduced price.

In daily business, kiosk systems and displays are stored, maintained, cleaned and prepared for the next use after a loan or rent. Some of them have already gone through this cycle too often and are getting on in years. In order to prevent our returning devices from lending and rental business from getting dusty unnecessarily, we would like to offer some of these devices for sale now. … Read More

Entrance Control at Wettinquelle

eKiosk Equips Sächsische Staatsbäder With Entrance Control System

The Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH may again invite guests to its thermal spa world.

For the reopening, the necessary corona protection regulations had to be complied with: increased cleaning and disinfection measures, access restrictions for the bathing area and reduction of the number of guests. In order to regulate admission, our corona traffic light was installed in the entrance area. … Read More

Co-developer Stephan Huber and shop owner Mathias Wehner present the new traffic light

Decorative shop now regulates its customer flows digitally

The decoration shop Wehner in Bad Homburg installed our Corona entrance traffic light a few days ago. Business owner Matthias Wehner considers it a reasonable investment.

Since the relaxation of the corona regulations, the inner cities are again filled with people who are eager to buy. While shopping through Bad Homburg’s city centre, Matthias Wehner saw a security employee in front of a grocery store counting the customers coming in and going out. … Read More

Uwe Schröder mit Corona Ampel

Our IoT-based Corona entrance system in test at Fahrrad XXL in Dresden

The eKiosk entrance system is now in field test at Fahrrad XXL in Dresden-Nickern and gives exciting insights.

At Fahrrad XXL in Dresden-Nickern, an eKiosk entrance traffic signal has recently been tested. Previously, an employee had to sit at the entrance all day long and count the incoming and outgoing customers. A total of 92 people are allowed into the shop, which offers everything for real bicycle enthusiasts. … Read More

Edler Optik Eingangsbereich mit Corona Ampel

Digital entrance system at Edler Optik in Esslingen

At Edler Optik in Esslingen one of our Corona inlet traffic lights has been in use for several days. Owner Wolfgang Edler is enthusiastic about it. Due to the loosening of the nationwide shutdown at the end of April, many shops were able to open again. So also the family business of Wolgang and Kirsten Edler in Esslingen. … Read More

6 Things You Should Know About the Corona Entrance Control

Corona has completely turned the economic sector upside down. From one day to the next there were many restrictions. Nevertheless, we are now returning to normality, with the help of technical means. This means that shops and public buildings can reopen, albeit under certain restrictions. The Corona entrance control from eKiosk offers a possible solution to meet these restrictions. Learn more about the advantages of Corona entrance control now. … Read More

Corona Ampel Eingangsszenario

How to use our Corona Entrance Control properly

The retail trade is allowed to open its doors again and revitalises the cityscape. In order to avoid the risk of further infections from an increased number of customers after the relaxation, it is important to manage customer flows effectively and flexibly. With our digital entrance control it is possible to do this, but only if it is implemented correctly. … Read More

#CoronaCare: distance counts

Keeping our distance is not easy, but in these times, it can save lives. Social distancing is probably the biggest challenge of all right now. Government measures are designed to slow down the spread of the corona virus, which is currently causing almost the entire world to stand still. … Read More

Thomson Cruises

Digital Administrations – More important now than ever!

Children are not allowed to go to school, employees not to work and citizens not to the office. To combat the coronavirus, the federal government has drastically restricted public life. Our partner Smart CJM has developed a cloud solution to help administrations to be there for the people. … Read More