The company was founded in 2010 and develops high-tech software solutions for indoor navigation. Based on 2D or 3D maps the “easyGuide” and the “Guide3D” software was developed.

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The Berlin-based company offers a turnkey, device-independent solution for indoor navigation in public buildings, shopping malls or companies. 

What the software of 3d-Berlin offers

Modular principle

Different products and add-ons can be combined with each other without any problems. This means advertising, information and wayfinding can be done on one device.

Recognition effect

The presentation of the Guide3D software is in accordance with human perception and thus supports the wayfinding process considerably. Multiple perspectives allow a first person or bird's eye view.

Intuitive user interface

EasyGuide impresses with a comprehensible and user-friendly step-by-step navigation with autozoom. Additionally, multilingual applications can be installed.

Simple data connection

3d-berlin's software is suitable for kiosk systems as well as for mobile devices. Open interfaces allow for easy data connection.

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How can we help you?

Questions & Consulting

Do you need more information about the software?
Please contact us by phone under +49 (0)351 50174 0 or via our contact form.