The specialist for patient call systems with self check-in terminals and patient entertainment systems in hospitals.

The Berlin-based software company also offers to set up the entire network environment and delivers high-quality hardware.

What WIFIMEDIA4PATIENTS offers by Berlinux

Patient call system

The patient call system includes statistics and number displays with waiting times at a glance. In addition there is a contactless self-check-in system for patients in hospitals.

Patient Entertainment

In the waiting area, wall screens can provide more entertainment. These can be controlled centrally via the WIFIMEDIA4PATIENTS administration platform.

Bedside Services

The Bedside solution is based on an Android operating system. With the help of a terminal, the TV can be controlled on the wall or fixed tablets on the bed with wall arm or bedside table holder can function as a TV.

Central management system

The management server acts as a central contact point for all connected end devices. These end devices can be mobile devices of the patient or the wall TV's and stationary kiosk systems of the clinic. At the same time it also communicates with the backend systems of the hospital.

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