ekiosk Visitors

The software for intelligent visitor and instruction management: eKiosk Visitors

Smart Visitor & Instruction Management

Use our software eKiosk Visitors and experience a new type of solution for digital visitor and instruction management. The long list of possible features makes the software useful for every application scenario. It is compatible with all common appointment calendars and can be easily integrated into existing system environments. Invitations are sent out fully automatically, and a meeting room can be booked optionally at the same time. Permanent access authorizations for specific persons with visitor badges or direct contact via video: eKiosk Visitors can be expanded as desired!

With eKiosk Visitors you have a tailor-made software at your disposal with which you can receive your customers, patients or visitors in a modern way.

We are looking forward to your project idea! 

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All Features of eKiosk Visitors

Get to know the various features of eKiosk Visitors. If required, many different solutions can be integrated into the software. Ask our experts what is possible.

Invitation dispatch

Sending emails with QR code for on-site visitor registration

Welcoming of visitors

Attention of the guest through interactive and smart Digital Signage Stele

Guest Check-In

Convenient check-in via QR code or on-screen keyboard

Appointment information

Personalized information for each visitor

Contact Person

Information about relevant contacts in the company

Contact via Video

Direct contact via video or audio call. Practical in case of delays or early arrival of guests


Visualization of the route on a 3D model

visitor badge

Automatic printing of the visitor badge


By e-mail, SMS or chat message

Remote Inlet

Identification by video call with subsequent door opener from the workplace

Evacuation plans

Evacuation information about persons in the building for rescuers


Deregistration by QR code on the visitor badge


Like, star ranking or short surveys

Public transport information

Location and current departures of the next bus or tram stops


With one click to the taxi