Video calling in prisons with LOKI

The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has shown how important social contacts are. Of course, this also applies to people who are serving a prison sentence and are in prison. In order to enable inmates to maintain contact with people who are particularly worthy of support, such as family members and good friends, a digital video-telephony solution that meets the special needs of the prison system is a good idea.

Respecting basic human needs

Gefängnisterminal für Videotelefonie

LOKI – Robust and flexible

The LOKI prison terminal is protected against any kind of vandalism by its robust construction and is characterised by the highest security standards. The steel housing is powder-coated and extremely effective against blows and impacts of any kind.  The display has a size of 15.6 ” (Full HD) and is protected by a 6mm thick safety glass panel. With the high resolution camera, people are clearly represented, so that a trouble-free video conversation can take place. Despite its extreme stability, maintenance of the device can be carried out easily, as all parts can be replaced individually. 

The system offers high flexibility due to the easy management of appointments. The video terminal makes it easier to organise visiting hours. Call duration can be set to the second and there is less overlap between appointments. In addition, the use of the system makes work much easier and reduces the workload for the security staff during personal visits. 


Stability and security

The installed components are extremely durable. The housing is puncture and impact resistant at all points and unsuitable as a hiding place. The construction protects the electronics inside from liquids and the software is safe from all manipulations.

Reliable technology

The occupants are offered video telephony of the highest quality without jerking to keep in regular contact with family and friends.


The use of video telephony reduces the workload of law enforcement officers, in particular the security staff, as the effort required during surveillance is much lower.

Contribution to resocialisation

By allowing inmates to have personal contact with key caregivers, the potential for aggression can be reduced. As a result, peace in the prison is improved and the prisoners are reintegrated into society.

Our partner

Telio is committed to equipping prisons with communication technologies. Telio develops, installs and operates communication and media systems that promote institutional peace and social rehabilitation.  The infrastructure complies with the highest security standards and simplifies work processes considerably, which is why the systems provide a meaningful enrichment for institutions, their inmates and staff. In cooperation with Telio, we were able to implement the LOKI.

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