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The possibilities of our innovative software solutions

Digital signage is more than just displaying advertising on large-format displays. Behind the smooth display of content is complex special software. Therefore, we work together with experienced partners who perfectly cover the necessary functionalities with their solutions. 

Stability & Reliability

Internal maintenance functions ensure stable and reliable operation. The intelligent software bridges server maintenance and network problems without losses.

Create Campaigns

Easy creation of campaigns through templates with intuitive handling on Windows and Android players. Wide range of design options such as resolution, aspect ratio and media type. Temporal switching of content by simply arranging it on a timeline via drag & drop.

Display Remote Management

Through the optionally available remote maintenance, screens can be administered at any time, data can be distributed and the status or availability of your displays can be viewed.

Create Timetable

Planning to the second when which information is played back. Priorities and playback times can be individually and easily changed.

Extensibility & Integration

Almost endless expandability of functionalities, interfaces etc. on your displays via Javascript. Without problems to additional objects, methods, events and properties as Object Model.


Distribute content to up to 10,000 players simultaneously with just a few clicks. Optionally via peer-to-peer or encrypted via HTTPS/SSL.

Our Partners

We work closely with two partners from the very beginning of the software we use. STiNO and PROVISIO meet all requirements for a special software for digital signage applications. Each provider has its individual strengths and areas of application.

STiNO Ltd.

STiNO Ltd. is a software producer from Landsberg near Halle (Saale), which is specialized in digital signage software for audiovisual communication. Find out more about the special features of STiNO software here.

Unternehmenslogo STiNO


PROVISIO GmbH, based in Münster, Germany, is a software manufacturer specializing in kiosk, remote maintenance and digital signage applications. PROVISIO GmbH’s software solutions are particularly well suited for interactive applications and feature enhanced security settings.

The entire PROVISIO solution consists of three different software components, each of which is based on the other: SiteKiosk, SiteRemote and SiteCaster.

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