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Digital Signage applications in the SLUB - Dresden

Comprehensive Equipment with Digital Signage Systems

The Saxon State Library – Dresden State and University Library – SLUB for short – has been using the advantages of digital signage since 2017. eKiosk has equipped the library with information displays, steles as info points and a digital room signage system.


With a stock of over 5 million volumes and more than 2 million visitors per year, the SLUB is one of the most important scientific institutions in Germany.

The importance of the library is one reason for its advanced digitalization. Since 2017, Digital Signage is now also part of the SLUB concept.

The library is constantly working on the modernization of the building to live up to its reputation as an advanced institution.

The aim is to make non-visible information more easily accessible to visitors. Since this information is anything but static, a digital solution was also needed in the rooms themselves.

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13 individual units | PHEX Stand (55''), SIRRION (15.6''), PHEX Wall (55'')


Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library

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Project description

In the case of the SLUB Dresden, an equipment with info displays or info points, in addition to the digital room signage, was planned and implemented.

The virtual assistants support the staff by answering questions of the visitors in advance. The digital service also includes a query of the location of the media directly in the building, similar to the one on the website.

The SLUB has several buildings, which is why the information is always displayed in a way that is appropriate to the respective location.

What concrete advantages does the respective digital signage solution offer?

Room Signage

The room signage always shows until when a room is occupied. Changes can be spread quickly by the digital solution.


Users can decide for themselves what information they want to view. You can choose from FAQs, information on events, the menu plan of the nearest canteen or data on the SLUB itself. You can also use the stele to make appointments with staff. A knowledge ticker permanently shows the latest news.


The displays installed on the ceiling show a wide range of information: from departure monitors and canteen plans to opening hours and event announcements.


Sirrion as a digital Door Sign
TO Sirrion
PHEX Stand as a Infoterminal
Phex WALL as an interactive Welcoming screen
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How did the project go?


The SLUB commissioned eKiosk after a long research. The client was particularly interested in the quality and aesthetics of the equipment, as the library makes sure that all the furnishings fit in with the modern image of the building. In addition, the devices should be protected against vandalism, which is the case with all eKiosk models.

Concept Development

First, a concept was developed together with the main responsible persons. This involved deciding which devices were suitable for which purpose and at which location.

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After the hardware production, test devices were installed free of charge in the SLUB, which were then taken over directly. The installation was carried out by eKiosk and took place in direct coordination with SLUB.

Implementation of the Software

The software was developed in parallel by the IT department of SLUB and two other partners and is a combination of the CMS TYPO3 and mrbs. The contents are integrated into the TYPO3 system by library staff. Due to the flexibility of SiteKiosk, it was possible to integrate the content into the kiosk software without any problems.

This is what the customer says about the project:

“eKiosk Ltd. was a committed contractor who responded to all our requests and also flexibly coordinated the cooperation with other partners”.