Wayfinding and orientation

Thanks to dynamic guidance systems you can precisely direct visitors in shopping malls, hospitals, administration buildings, or universities to the right destinations.

Way finding system in shape of PHEX stand

Orientation and guidance systems for your building

Finding your way around in complex buildings without any help can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. Visitors, clients or employees would like a solution which is optimal in terms of navigation, accessibility, reliability and usability.

With the forward-looking way-finding solution from eKiosk, destinations in large buildings are easily found. Whether as a stunning 3D plan or as a highlighted path on a map for faster orientation – every route is calculated from a 3D route network and then made available for multiple devices: interactive kiosk systems, browsers, mobile devices and as printout.

Where do I find a certain product when shopping? In-store navigation at the point-of-sale is a typical example of an application.

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An extract from our references for routing systems

eKiosk way finding at Leipzig station

The "Promenaden" at Leipzig Central Station is situated inside the largest railway terminus in Europe. Every day 86,000 visitors can explore the shopping mall with interactive digital signage stands and get directions to more than 230 destinations.

eKiosk height adjustable info stand

13 electric height-adjustable, handicapped accessible interactive touch screens provide student information and orientation in the Freie Universität, Berlin's largest building complex.

eKiosk way finding system at shopping mall
Shopping Mall

Finland's second largest mall was equipped with single- and double sided 55" multi touch info stands from our local partner company, Hartikaari Oy. The interactive 3D way-finding system helps to explore the 189,000m2 shopping area and find shops through keyword search (e.g.products or goods)

Touchdisplay in Pultform - Wayfinding für Shoppingmall
Shopping Mall

The Ring Center Berlin uses the interactive 3D way-finding system in two different buildings. The kiosk sytems help to find more than 127 destinations via maps, menu trees or virtual keyboards, and displays the way through the building.

Way finding system at hospital

The Specialized Medical Center Hospital in Riyadh directs visitors to all relevant points within the hospital. At the moment more than 375 rooms are connected to the way-finding system. A special feature is the strict bilingualism in GUI, maps and 3D animations.


Digital signage stands are often used as floor level guideposts, or are centrally located at the entry area and inform visitors.

Way finding system at hospital
Hospital complex

King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) consists of 5 buildings with 1,095 beds overal. With a 3D kiosk system visitors and patients are directed to 280 destinations. All destinations are bilingual.

People in front of a way finding system at shopping mall
Shopping Mall

Stuttgart's largest mall offers shopping pleasure in 200 shops spread over an area of around 43,000m2. The unique 3D way-finding system supports orientation, informs about all services and offers fantastic 3D views of the building

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