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What the Scitlab software offers

Easily configurable

The software can be adapted extremely user-friendly to the respective application. A simple click in the admin area can maximize or minimize the maximum number of customers. In addition, there is the easily understandable and world-famous traffic light system.

Intelligent Sensors

The sensors measure the number of customers entering or leaving the store. The sensors can be used as input and output. However, in order to ensure smooth operation, the sensors should not be more than 50m away from the base station.

Solution ready for connection

The software can be used directly after delivery. Unattended operation is possible due to the secure kiosk mode.

Different versions

The basic package includes the IOT base station, the sensor technology and the Livi license. However, the complete package with digital signage display can also be added on request.

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How can we help you?

Questions & Consulting

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Please contact us by phone under +49 (0)351 50174 0 or via our contact form.