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Customized digital signage pillars with interactive application for the PoS

eKiosk and Fabrik19 are equipping the hypermarkets with interactive touch steles and a comprehensive app for greater customer satisfaction. In SB-GLOBUS hypermarkets, customers can use self-service touch steles to search for product locations, print out vouchers using customer cards or call up recipe videos for inspiration. eKiosk has developed, designed and produced steles specifically for this purpose.


GLOBUS is one of the leading retail companies in Germany and operates hypermarkets as well as home improvement and consumer electronics stores. Digitalisation is therefore an important concern of the company. GLOBUS has even already won the special award “Supermarket of the Year Future Market” in 2015 and would like to continue the digitization strategy.

The company had the desire to integrate an innovative solution for more customer satisfaction in its department stores. This was to offer even more service in the future, which would increasingly bind customers to the brand.

Terminal im Retail, Globus


128 individual devices |Individual PHEX Stand (55'') models with printer and scanner (RFID)


GLOBUS Self-Service Department Store Holding & Co. Ltd.

eKiosk Service

Design, construction, production, assembly/delivery, service and maintenance

Project description

Special Features of the Software Solution

Article finder

With the article finder, customers can check the availability of your products.

Loyalty Application

With the loyalty applications coupons, discount codes or customer cards can be issued.

Recipe videos

In search of inspiration you support your customers to cook appealing menus with your products.

Customer magazine

The customer magazine is the heart of corporate publishing and can be made available regularly on the stele.

Company News

The company news can contain site-specific information on job offers or fuel prices.

digital Signage

Advertisements for internal and external offers can be placed on the steles.

In addition to the special features listed above, the app is also flexibly equipped with various interfaces for simple and precise control of the digital application. The individually designed 55” touch steles with printer, barcode and RFID reader have industrial quality. A maintenance-friendly software and hardware for long-term use of the application, as well as the easy addition of new functions, complete the picture. The PoS app runs on Windows computers integrated in the touch steles. No other program is required to use the app.

Both the hardware and the software are generally very low-maintenance. Thanks to the network connection of the stelae, new content can be added centrally without the need for an employee to intervene on site.

The maintenance of the hardware is also not very costly. The receipt roll of the printer can be changed independently by Globus employees. If there are problems with a model, it is sent directly to the manufacturer eKiosk. Once the problem has been solved, the device is brought back to the market and set up again there.

The Equipment Model

What concrete advantages does the digital signage solution offer?

Customers of the department store can now research the location of products, view the balance on their customer card, print credits as receipts and read up on a wide range of information such as job advertisements.

One to six steles per store were set up in different departments at the PoS. On each stele, individual information can be displayed, both position and situation dependent. Globus thus has the possibility to react quickly and flexibly to external influences. For the customer this means: always up-to-date information at the right place.

Low Maintenance

Strengthening Customer Loyalty



internal and external interfaces


How did the project go?


Globus’ in-house development department had already planned the interactive routing within its markets before the project began. Fabrik19 was commissioned to implement it. The app development experts quickly recognized the potential of the application and, in professional cooperation with Globus, expanded the scope to include additional customer services. The close cooperation with the company resulted in a customer-specific retail application.

New Design

Based on this planning, the PHEX stele was redesigned. The retrofitting of an RFID reader was also planned in order to be able to meet potential extensions of the app at a later date. With the help of visualizations in the form of renderings, different model variants were played through. In addition, Globus was able to inspect the quality of the end product in advance by means of a loan.


The hardware was always delivered ready for connection. The stelae therefore only need to be connected to the power supply in the store and are immediately ready for use.

Mann an Laptop

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Loyalty Application

The Loyalty application enjoys great popularity. Using the "My Globe" customer card, customers log in via the scanner with their password and can thus view their balance. In this way, they receive a discount or can have a receipt generated with which they can redeem credits at the checkout.

Article Finder

The use of this feature complements the company's service offering to customers. With the article finder, customers can find what they are looking for faster. Accordingly, this application is often used in GLOBUS branches.


The usage behaviour of the stelae can be tracked by Globus itself to gain insight into customer needs. This allows possible further developments to be identified and rarely used applications to be reconsidered or revised.

This is what the customer says about the project:

“The application has been very positively received by Globus customers, especially since the addition of the loyalty application. First, the interactivity had to be perceived. Since then, buyers have appreciated the service of the solution and have used it extensively”.

S. Suman | IT Specialist