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Automated first-time admission, 3D-wayfinding or queuing management - Digital solutions for the healthcare sector are many and varied

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Take advantage of a digitized healthcare sector

Digitalisation has finally arrived in the healthcare sector. The eHealth Act has created a political framework that simplifies the introduction of digital solutions in doctors' practices, clinics and, for example, medical supply houses.

Digitally networked technology is useful for all service providers and service suppliers in the industry and can improve nursing care, simplify communication and modernise health-related retail.

Read our new whitepaper "Healthcare 4.0" to learn more about the many applications of digital solutions in the healthcare sector of tomorrow. Benefit from the digitalization of your company! If you are looking for a solution to make your processes more digital according to the E-Health initiative, we will be happy to advise you in more detail.

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Digital Health by eKiosk | Examples for the right use of digital solutions

  • Appointments - arrange and manage appointments through the physician or independently through online portals
  • Database management - transparent administration of policyholder data for health insurance companies
  • Patient check-in - convenient check-in via customer account, eGK, QR code or on-screen keyboard
  • Appointment information - personalized information for each patient
  • First information - provide preliminary information on the clinical symptoms
  • Electronical medical record - easy access to the patient's medical record
  • Wayfinding - Visualization of the path on an interactive 3D model
  • Digital door signs - personalized display of digital door signs with names etc.
  • Video consultation - consultation of the physician via video-supported solutions
  • Digitalized treatment rooms - useful visualization of clinical pictures, therapy procedures, etc. on large-format screens
  • Digitally supported follow-up care - video-supported follow-up care in therapy and rehabilitation cases
  • eRecipes - issue and redeem electronic recipes at the terminal
  • Payment procedures - On-site payment of treatment costs etc. at digital payment terminals
  • Digital showrooms - digitally supported sales rooms with additional information on health products
  • Evacuation information - quick information about any person in the facility for rescuers
  • Feedback - Like, star ranking or short feedback surveys between patients and service providers
  • Public transport information & Taxi call - location and current departures of the next stop or one-click taxi call

... and many other possible applications.

Casestudy: Hospital - The advantages of digital solutions for the public health sector

The example of the hospital is an excellent example for a large number of stakeholders in the health care system showing how diverse the possible applications of digital solutions are. The modern clinic is under constant pressure: there is a never-ending struggle between the shortage of funds and the desire to provide patients with the best possible care.

This is precisely where digitalization can help and harmonize all processes in everyday hospital life. From automated patient check-in to improved routing and simple provision of initial information to staff: Digital Signage is an integral part of the clinic of tomorrow. Connect your hospital and be part of the Healthcare 4.0 movement.

A completely redeveloped and more enjoyable hospital experience

Hospitals are strongholds of technological development. Highly specialized clinics or departments carry out incredibly complex medical procedures and are regarded as drivers of innovation. The remaining workflows should also correspond to this state of innovation. With Digital Signage you can lead your clinic into the digital age.

By introducing tailor-made solutions, you can optimise operational processes and thus create flexibility for your employees. This means more time for the actual organisation of the station and for the care of the patients.

Relief of the first admission

Via self-check-in terminals, for example, patients can log on automatically and transfer their data fully automated to the hospital information system (HIS). A continuous, automated flow of information between patients, staff and HIS promotes smooth processes.

Multilingual and Barrier-Free

For patients who do not speak the language, the menus of the terminal can of course be programmed in several different languages. The sophisticated design of modern terminals and the availability of a voice output mode enable people with impaired vision or reduced mobility to use the devices. A must-have in a globalised and open society!

Better treatment

The role of the patient has changed due to the constant availability of information. Doctors and patients now communicate at eye level and search together for the best treatment method. Digital signage can help accelerate decision making through visualization and direct access to patient data on large-format touch screens. Encourage patient engagement and create a new hospital experience.

Networked Systems

By being able to integrate other relevant actors into the hospital's system environment, you can exploit synergy potentials in the simplest possible way. The general physician can, for example, arrange appointments and see at the next treatment what actions have been taken in the hospital. A simplified flow of information for all participants promotes the trust of the patients. Digital documentation and simplified ways for doctors to exchange data are a win-win situation.

patient check in barrier free wheelchair rendering

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