Visitor management: automated & uncomplicated

Whether as virtual porter, access control, safety instruction or as a welcome display - digital signage can be used in many ways in the field of visitor management.

Digital Signage Totem with virutal porter in a wide room

Welcome your guests in a modern way | Digital, individual & fully automatic

Long waiting times at the reception or overloaded staff? A neglected treatment of visitor management has a negative effect on your image. If you want to make a good first impression on your customers, Digital Signage solutions offer countless possibilities.

With modern, automated visitor management systems, you can centrally control and manage all processes for registration and deregistration on your premises. The personalized initial welcoming of your guests, the automatic admission control and the reduced personnel deployment are only a few of the many advantages that our visitor management can offer.

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Visitor management by eKiosk | Features of the software eKiosk visitors

  • Invitation mailing - Sending emails with QR codes for on-site visitor registration
  • Visitor welcoming - Arrouse attention of visitors through interactive and smart Digital Signage totem
  • Guest check-in - Convenient check-in via QR code or on-screen keyboard
  • Appointment information - Personalized information for each visitor
  • Contact person - Information about relevant contacts in the company
  • Direct contact - Convenient first contact through video or audio call e.g. in case of delays or early arrival of guests.
  • Wayfinding - Visualization of the way to the appointement on the 3D model 
  • Visitor badge - automatic printout of the visitor badge
  • Notification of the employer - By e-mail, SMS or chat message
  • Remote access control - Identification by video call with subsequent door opener from the workplace
  • Evacuation Information - Quick and reliable information for rescuers 
  • Deregistration - Deregistration by use of the QR code on the visitor badge
  • Feedback - Like, star ranking or short surveys
  • Public Transport Information - Location and current departures of the next stop
  • Taxi-Call - With one click to the taxi

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Benefits of an automated visitor management system

Shorter waiting times for visitors

Thanks to the extremely easy-to-use self-registration via QR code, visitors wait a maximum of 1 minute. Their data is transferred error-free from the registration to the backend system - ready for immediate further processing. And of course in compliance with all current data protection regulations.

Easy integration of existing systems for companies thanks to interfaces

The configurable interfaces of modern Digital Signage solutions offer simple integration possibilities for companies. The integration of CRM systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics is just as possible as the communication of the guest via language assistants such as Alexa and others. Furthermore there is no problem to integrate existing telephone systems or the remote door opener.

A virtual porter in your foyer is a real eye-catcher and saves costs. Due to the reduced use of personnel, the purchase amortizes after a short time. We also offer a low-cost loan and rental model - individually tailored to the needs of your company.

The solution helps companies in many areas. Larger commercial complexes and office buildings with several small enterprises profit from an integrated wayfinding system. Small and medium-sized companies can relieve the staff at the reception and large companies with several locations benefit from a simplified organization and the integrated data management in the backend system.

Smart event management

Our systems also manage the flow of visitors at trade fairs and various occasions, providing information, registering events and arranging individual appointments.

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Inform, guide, register and instruct your visitors easier and better with Digital Signage in the future.