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Series models and customer-specific solutions

eKiosk GmbH is a manufacturer of high-end digital signage hardware.

Whether information kiosks, digital room signs, kiosk systems, multimedia digital signage stands or outdoor information kiosks - we can offer you a suitable solution for your signage project.

Furthermore, we manufacture customer-specific digital signage solutions, even if it is just a single device you require. With the help of optionally available digital signage software you can manage your individual content worldwide.

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Overview of our digital signage hardware (series models)

A guide for choosing digital signage hardware

Durability, use in continuous operation (24/7)

In many application areas, digital signage hardware is used many hours per day, for example when linked to the operating hours of a shopping center. In some cases operational readiness has to be guaranteed 24/7 (for example in public spaces, hospitals, train stations, shift operation and others). Electronic parts such as display, player, power supplies, and touch are subject to wear.

eKiosk only uses high-grade components, which are suited to 24/7 operation and show a long service life.

Energy Efficiency

When planning a digital signage project also consider power consumption and energy efficiency. This will have a considerable affect on operating cost, particularly when running larger networks or in outdoor spaces.

Digital signage hardware from eKiosk has been optimised towards energy efficiency: Many models do not require case fans and thus are totally silent. The base version of the integrated PC systems / players requires 12 Watts and is sufficient for most applications. The built-in TFT LCD displays have LED backlight and also, when used outdoors, a brightness sensor.

Design, workmanship, customisation

When developing our digital signage hardware we place a lot of attention on an organic, holistic design combined with stability and functionality. The transferring of information takes center stage. It will be "wrapped" in a slim, stabile housing made of alloy, steel plate and stainless steel. Timeless and high-quality design of the digital signage hardware will lead to a perfect integration into its surroundings.

All series models can be branded individually (stickers, colour schemes) and appear in the corporate image of your company.

Vandalism protection, stability and security

After defining the application area and installation site, the requirements for the degree of protection can be determined. An important criterion is the decision of whether the device will be installed indoors or outdoors.The outdoors in particular have higher demands regarding weather protection and vandalism than indoor-installations.

Following are a few minimal requirements:

  • Access-secured installation of electronic parts

  • No external wires or control elements

  • Device access via security lock

  • Base plate for secure, detached installation/bolting

  • Screens with non-glare safety-glass pane

The components – display, touch screen, safety glass

When it comes to devices with Large Format Displays (LFD), which usually have screen diagonals of 32" or larger, the display and the touch screen are a main cost component. The market differentiates between TV panels and professional displays (PID, public displays etc). TV panels are manufactured for home use and have worse properties (viewing angle, brightness, operating period) than professional displays.
We only use professional displays.

All digital signage stands over 40" screen diagonal have a screen brightness of 700cd/m². This is a crucial advantage in image brilliance and its effect in brighter environments. Our displays are covered by a reinforced and strongly anti-reflective safety glass pane. Interfering reflections are almost completely eliminated and the surface provides a pleasant feel to the touch.

Compatibility with software and operating systems

Corresponding to your requirements we only use player/PC/control unit hardware which supports the desired operating system. Generally these are MS Windows, Linux or Android. We make sure that the required drivers , for example for the touch display, are available.

Special properties such as fire protection and accessibility.

Our devices consist almost completey of metal and glass, and therefore have a low fire load. Installation in staircases and escape routes is often possible.

Some of our digital signage hardware offers disabled access, particularly regarding operation by wheelchair users. Electric height adjustment, enough room to wheel underneath and shifting of the control elements on the screen make this possible.

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