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With our kiosk solutions for the wayfinding, all information (sought Destinations, announcements, advertising, etc.) are maintained directly by the building operator themselves.

Interaction Outdoor

We produce various systems with diagonals of 19 "to 46" - adapted to your application.
Interaction Outdoor

Outdoor Kiosks

We manufacture weatherproof and vandal-resistant kiosk systems, information systems and wayfinding solutions for outdoor and semi-outdoor.

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PHEX STAND 55" SlimLine"

SLIM Digital Signage Phex Stele

Elegant and Robust: The new PHEX STAND with 55 "screen with only 6cm overall depth now orderable.

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Touchscreen Rental

We rent out all kiosk systems, information systems and public displays for short-term (eg trade fairs, exhibitions) or long-term.

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